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Welcome to the Suriname Creole Archive!


The Suriname Creole Archive (SUCA) is a joint project of the Radboud University Nijmegen, the University of Amsterdam and the Max Planck Institute Nijmegen to collect, catalogue and preserve digitalized historical texts in Sranan and Saramaccan for research. The financial support of NWO is hereby gratefully acknowledged.



At present this site is under construction. The site will be divided into three main sections: About SUCA, Contents, and Participants. The About SUCA section will present some background of the project, the Contents section will list an overview of the historical sources of Sranan and Saramaccan that are included, and the participants section will list the people who are and were involved in the creation of the archive. Furthermore, in the references section some references will be cited in which these historical texts are studied from a wide variety of research interests. In the links section related projects will be referenced, including the Dutch Bilingualism Database project. In due time you will be able to reach any of these by using the navigation table on the left of the screen or by using the links in the text.


We hope you will enjoy the site.


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